Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bicycle new fan back (white) Limited edition playing cards deck

       This is the new member of my card pack collection. It is Bicycle fan back limited edition white deck, gold sealed, by Zenneth Kok. These are really rare, as there are less than 1000 copies that have been produced, and I have got one of them. The new fan back black and white decks will be officially released in September. There are only 5000 copies of black decks that have been produced.

      I bought my deck from Zenneth and there were very limited quantity of both type of decks available. You have to buy at least one of his Metal Jackets along with the decks as it is not available to buy on its own.  Personally I do not think they are still available to buy from Zenneth as he only had a limited amount of stock.You get two gaff cards with the deck, they are a double backer and a 0 heart card.

    I am not going to open this deck and I am just going add this to my collection. Collecting card decks is what I do apart from being a computer scientist. I enjoy the art in the cards and I enjoy doing flourishes.

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures.