Saturday, 2 July 2011

Set up Alpine to work with Gmail

To set up Alpine with Gmail, You have you to have Alpine installed on your computer. To set up Gmail, click here to go to my previous blog post which explains how to install it.

If you have got Alpine installed then, next

To receive emails from your gmail account:

Go to the Main Menu >> Setup >> collectionLists >> Add.

Nickname  : [Your Nickname]
Server        :
Path           :
View         :

Save your settings

You can add as many accounts you want if you press E and exit, then do the same.

Then you need to change few settings on it.

On Main menu > Set up > Config, find the "Advanced user preferences", Then mark "Save will not delete"

Then scroll down and find Pruning Rule and select "don't rename, don't delete"

To send emails using your gmail account :

Go to Main menu >> Rules and then Add a new rule.

    Add a Nickname
    In the Current Folder Type section, Select "Specific"
    Then select "Folder List" and press "T" and select the specific account folder(Inbox)
    Scroll down and find the section where it says "Action Begin here"
    Insert (Add) your email address to "Set Form" field
    Then to the "use SMTP" server section Add ""   (Without the quotes)
    Next Scroll down and find the "Compose Use" value and then select "With Confirmation"
    Then Exit
    You need to Add  a new rule per each account

Now you are ready to go!

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