Monday, 27 June 2011

Secure your Gmail/Google Account

      Are you confidant that your email account is secure anymore? You can never make anything 100% secure but, there are things you can do to make it more secure than it is.

     Gmail has introduced 2-step verification which protects your gmail account little bit more. I recommend that everyone who read this blog, should enable the feature.

To enable: Go to your Google account page and then click on the
                  "Using 2-step verification" And then follow the instructions

Make sure you read the instructions carefully and print out or keep the verification codes safely, which you will need to log in to your account when you haven't got your phone to get a verification code. Never loose them.

The other thing you could do to protect your Gmail account is that to always use HTTPS. To enable this feature.

Log in to your gmail account
Click on the Options symbol
Click on the General tab
Then click on the radio button which says "always use https", under "Browser Connection"
Save Changes

Surf Save!

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