Monday, 11 April 2011

My Tetris

'Tetris' is one of the most popular games of all time. For the last project of Application Programming module at the university, I got to develop this small Tetris game applet. As you can see its very basic and simple as I added more than requirements of the assignment, to the application itself. It would have had more functionalities but I moved on from it to the next assignment so I can finish my assignments and get it everything done way before the deadline. I will add more features to it if I get much time in the future, even though I tried ones and then I got busy with something else and then moved on.

To control the blocks You can use either keyboard or mouse or both.


Mouse Controls:

Right-Mouse Button- Move right
Left-Mouse Button - Move Left

Key Board Controls:

Right Arrow key- Move Right
Left Arrow key - Move Left
'R' key - Rotate

If I develop it more further I will definitely post it on here. Like I have said it earlier its a very simple version of Tetris. But it plays according do all Tetris rules.

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