Thursday, 14 April 2011

The "Anonymous" threats continues against Sony (Update)

The old story Is that Sony has filed a restraining order early this year, against George Hotz A.K.A GeoHot as he has violated copyrights by jail breaking the Sony's play station 3 which allowed him to install custom software on it. Now an independent organisation called 'Anonymous' has threatened Sony by putting up a video on youtube stating their demands (See below). Then this group began to take down Sony website including the Sony main website with DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks. They call this Anti-Sony operation the "Operation Payback".

Sony has demanded popular social media networks such as Youtube and Facebook, to hand over the IP addresses of people who has viewd GeoHot's videos.

Their argument was that you should be able to do what ever you want with the product you bought with your own money. More future, they ask, if its legal to jail break your phones and install unsigned software applications, why not jail break PS3?

In the last video they ask the public to return Sony products if you have bought any and support by join their force, by organising protests against Sony. Anonymous claims

"GeoHot has taken a settlement with sony. The case has been dropped. In the eyes of the law, the case is closed, for anonymous it is just beginning."

Is this just a start of a massive catastrophic cyber war? would it cause many other war's to start?

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  1. Shadowdrgaon432122 April 2011 at 02:00

    i believe that wat they are doing dose have ground to stand apon and the points i write will show this fact.We as consumers buy thease devices with our hard erned money and should be able to do wat we want with the device.we all see people on youtube buying them and smashing the device but sony dosent take leagal action aggainst them. so we mod our device alittle to make game more fast paced and exciting and sony wants to penilize and completely shut us down.Thats like say just because i have a computer i have to run the Operating system to the manufactures wants. Everyone wants to upgrade and make there devices faster and perform better and sony is going to shut us down just because we are useing our amendment right to make a device better? Im not saying i fully agree with how they are going about their big attack and war on sony but as a custom device user my self(psp custom firmware) i do like to make devices i buy which our leagaly mine perform better whether its putting more ram or upgrading software. I do not believe it is the right thing to do by completely attacking sony but i do not believe sony is doing the right thing either and the fact the hundreds of hard working individuals are going to be having their PS3 bricked for just going on a guys personal site is not right and a smack to our face and against our private rights as consumers.those rights aren't perfect but i believe they should protect thease individuals that sony will be bricking. so inconclusion to wat i have written they are both wrong and neither side is doing the right thing. they both need to apparently grow up and sony needs to back off because these so called anonymous are not the only ones that can and have the power to cyber war sony and sony needs to realize that they are not god and can not control our every move. That is what i think as a true blue American Citizen and if u our like me who own devices and like to make them perform better whether its a phone to a computer a PSP to a Wii we all like to be on the cutting edge of performance with our electronic devices so of corse if the makers aren't making them better we can i mean we do buy these devices so they are leagaly ours. thanks you for reading this :D