Saturday, 24 July 2010

Youtube releases new HTML5 embed code



     Google is testing new HTML5 embed code that plays the videos using either flash or HTML 5 player and it uses <iframe> tag. It is still under construction but developers want  feed back form current users so the beta version of it is now available.


     It won’t play the video on HTML 5, if the video has got Google ads or if you haven’t set it up yet. If you are on a mobile device, it won’t play if it won’t take you to a separate player  or if it won’t play the video in-line. But if your not eligible to view the video in HTML 5 it will play the video using the flash player. But again it depend on the preferences and where you are viewing the video.


     To use this service you have to join the YouTube HTML 5 beta version and you must be using a browser which supports HTML5.


Supported browsers:


Google Chrome


Firefox that support the WebM format

Apple Safari 4.0 or late


-Chathura Mazz-    

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  1. I like the new look of thehtml5 video player Player is faster is better and my slow computer with crappy video card will not got slow anymore, nice job you guys!