Wednesday, 7 July 2010



   Scribble is a painting pad which enables you to draw really cool patterns on it. I made this peace of application as a part of the java assignment under the Java lecturer Professor Simon M. Lucas’s guidance. It’s been a great experience to make this application.  It was a great experience to make Scribble. I was quite excited to see the end product after seeing completed application in the Lectures. I have completed the whole assignment successfully before the dead line and I am glad that I have got quite high marks for it and I have got full marks for this part of the assignment Open-mouthed smile. I will soon post the other past of the assignment and it will be my next blog post.I have posted some random things I drew on it so you can get an Idea about what it looks like. Hope you will like it.
















I wont post anything about the Java Codes of this application but if you want to know about it or if you want to try this application by yourself,  just email me or leave a comment.


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