Saturday, 3 July 2010

My favourite Online Sync Software

                I have been looking for a good software and a service to store and back up my documents, pictures and songs. Then I did a lot of research about it and found two really cool softwares. Personally I like both of them and I use both of them. They are


Dropbox (Download here)


Gladinet (Download here)


                Dropbox uses their own service to service to store files.Once you have uploaded your files to your Box you can access it from anywhere. You can download its desktop client to synchronise your files on you Desktop Computer or Laptop, or you can download the mobile client to your ipad, iphone, Android device or to your Blackberry phone so you can access your synchronised files from your mobile device. and also if you want to access your files without installing anything you can access your files by just logging in to Dropbox website.  This is so Cool because you don’t have to carry your memory sticks or hard drives or anything if you want to transfer or carry your documents. You just have to put your files in to Dropbox so you can access it from anywhere and you can add files to the same Box from where ever you have logged in so it will synchronise your other devices you have installed the clients so then you can access them it from anywhere you want. I use my drop box to store my University course work so I don’t have to carry them in my laptop or in my hard drive. They now have a new Dropbox Chrome extension so you can access your files on your browser  It is very easy to use. You can quite easily share your files with your friends. The only draw back is that you just only get 2GB for free but you can buy more space if you want to.

Step 1 : Go to Drop Box Website or Click here

Step 2 : Download DropBox Client. its available for Windows, Mac and Linux users

Step 3: Register for a DropBox account

Step 4: Add Files to your Box which is in your Windows Documents By default


My DropBox




      The other cool software I’m going to review is Gladinet. It is free but you can buy the Professional version which has more capabilities. Gladinet lets you upload files to poplar could storage services such as Skydrive, Amazon S3,Google Docs and other could storage services. I use this service just to back up my documents because they give 25GB for free which other services doesn’t. You can access your files by logging in to your SkyDrive account.Of course you can share your files with friends by getting the URL of the file or put them into a public folder. The thing I like about the Gladinet is its Management Console. You have bunch of cool tools on there to mange to use. You can transfer up to 50Mb large files in a one go but if you want to upload bigger files it spits the file into many parts and uploads it, when ever you wants do download it Gladinet puts them back together automatically. I found it very useful as I have been baking up large files.After you create set it up it creates a virtual drive in your computer so you can easily access your drive and transfer your files in to it.

I am sorry this is not a How-To  tutorial  so I wont explain how to set it up but if you want me to just let me know so I can do a video or a blog post about it.


The Gladinet Management Console


    So yea those two are my favourite Syncing softwares at the moment. I will keep you guys posted if I find anything better.  Thanks.