Sunday, 18 July 2010

Cool Google Chrome Extensions


          I have been using Google Chrome for years now. Chrome did not have much extensions/add-ons to start with. But Recently I have found really cool Google Chrome extensions. I just thought I would share my favourite Chrome extensions. with you They all can be found at Hope you will enjoy it.


Google Mail Checker Plus – Notifies you when you got a new email. You can view new emails

                                                        from the extention without going to gmail


Google Dictionary (by Google) – when you double click a word within the browser it gives you

                                                                   the definition. by clicking on the icon on the address bar, you can

                                                                   look up other words.


Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)  - Views PDF files, Power Point files  and other Google

                                                                                            Document files in the browser.


Remember The Milk for Gmail – Popular task managing tool’s plug-in for gmail. Manage your tasks

                                                                   on gmail using Remember the Milk


Google Calendar Checker (by Google) -  Notifies when you have anything scheduled on your Google



Google Wave Notifier -  Notifils when you have new waves. Can view waves by double clicking the

                                                 icon on the extensions bar


Turn Off the Lights – When you click on the Icon on the address bar, the browser page will be fading

                                           to dark and automatically focus to the video


Chromed Bird – A twitter Client. Shows the twitter time line, replies and Direct messages on the extension.


Clip to Evernote – Can save things you see  easily when you surf web. Can access your Evernote account and search though your notes.


ChromeAccess – Quick access to all (relevant) 'about:' and 'chrome://' pages.


Google Share Button – By using share button you can share web pages with your social networks,

                                               email and blogs.


Note Anywhere – Make notes inside Google Chrome. when you open that page again, the notes get

                                     loaded automatically.


Secbrowsing -  Checks that your plug-ins are up to date


Invisible Hand – Check if the product you are looking for on the internet is available in a lower



After the Deadline – Checks spelling, style, and grammar on your email, tweet, blog, ect.


AutoPager -  Automatically loads the next page when you scroll the page down to the bottom,

                           without having to click to the next page


Opinion Cloud – Summarizes comments on YouTube Videos and Flicker pictures and provides an 

                                  overall overview of all comments




Thank You.

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