Saturday, 13 February 2010

ASIMO The first humanoid robot in the world

   As a kid I liked watching robots on movies and television. Even now as a gadget fan I love robots. Talking about movies the most recent movie I watched based on robots was ‘Transformers The revenge of the fallen’ which is a really good movie. But in the real world HONDA has made a amazing robot its Called ASIMO.


  Honda engineers has been creating ASIMO since 1986 and according to the ASIMO website its the worlds first humanoid robot.ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. Honda has done a great job making its advanced walking technology called i-Walk (intelligent real-time flexible walking) combined with predicted movement control. The smallness and the light weight of the ASIMO is outstanding from other robots.It is more like a human wearing a space suit. It is able to walk, climb stairs, spoken commands and recognize voices and faces, and interface with IC Communication cards. They have added some super cool functions to the new ASIMO such as New function to work together with other ASIMOs, New function to avoid oncoming people and The New autonomous battery charging function. Honda is still busy with improving the capabilities of this amazing machine.


    They could add more functionalities to ASIMO like the ability to access the internet and, satellites accessibility so it could get the navigation information and access maps, ability to respond for body language and they could improve the understanding of spoken commands and better responds.

but it is way better than how it looked in its earlier stages as you can see in the picture below, this is what it looked like in its very first stage. its called “E0”.

HONDA ASIMO official website:

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